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My Mission

I am a light-hearted and practical spiritual mentor who guides, supports and empowers you through the soul-level growth, transformational healing, and spiritual expansion needed to live unquestionably connected to the truth of who you are, why you’re here, and how we will all raise the vibration of our planet.

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The Power of Divine Healing

It is time to heal completely and call forth the truth of who you are.  You are here for a reason and the truth of who you are is exactly what the world needs most.

My passion is to remind you of your soul’s light and deep intuitive knowing. Together we will clear unwanted energies and unhealthy patterns while restoring the clarity of your energy and amplifying your connection to your own spiritual guidance.  It is my hope you feel fully empowered to create a life that is authentic, soul-aligned and in divinely connected to yourself, your community and our planet.

Reiki opens an energetic gateway for personal growth & spiritual development
Dinita Nicole working with crystal healing

Work With Dee

During our work together we will heal body, mind and soul through all dimensions, space, and time. We will be give you permission to be all that you are in every moment of your life. We will cast away expectations, free you from external pressures and cast away mental/emotional programs that are holding you back. We will be release the shackles of unnecessary responsibility and the mind talk of how you/ your life ‘should’ be and empower you to consciously create a reality that is aligned with your soul purpose.

Using a variety of sacred methods, I will help you activate your own healing, shift energies that do not serve, raise your vibration, connect to your truth and release the blocks that have kept you stuck. It is your birthright to feel light, balanced, empowered and emotionally free, our work will align you to live just that. 

“Dinita Nicole exudes quiet strength & wisdom in her mere presence.

I am in awe of her skills as an energy healer & intuitive.

– K.B.

Balanced People For a Balanced Planet.

Balanced people living each moment aligned with the truth of their soul bring healing and balance to our planet without even trying…

As you reconnect to the core of your being and why you are here, you will be empowered to create harmony within and around you. As you heal yourself, you heal your ancestors, your community and our planet. You already have the power, now is the time to allow the magic you hold in the depth of your soul lead the way.

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Contact Dinita to powerfully connect to soul-level growth and spiritual expansion that will empower you to live unquestionably connected to the truth of who you are, why you're here and how you help raise the vibration of our planet.

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