“Dinita’s heling helped me when I was in a considerable amount of pain. Not only did she make me feel better, but gave me a new perspective on my health in general. I would recommend her to anybody seeking a holistic approach to understanding their health & body. A truly eye-opening and wondefrful experience!”

– M.B.

“Dinita’s training and the Reiki Wellness Group, that has extended out of her workshops is what got a lot of us through the storms of last September. Dee kept in close contact with several of us before and during the storm and empowered me to stay present and listen.

Reiki is the best internal ‘hurricane readiness’ you can gift yourself. I am so grateful for it in my life, especially with so much change and uncertainty in the world. I can always come back to my Reiki self-practice and get centered again.”

– K.M.

“I visited Dinita Nicole for an emotional release session and the first incredible experience was her opening my chakras. I have never felt that sensation before and it was so uplifting. 

As the session continued, I felt safe and secure in her hands, and believe that the work she did on my embedded hurts, past etc. truly helped.

The effect has been subtle, yet powerful. I feel more in touch with the reality that I am able to do anything and that I am in charge of my life.”

– D.A.