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Hey, I’m Dinita, but most of the world calls me Dee.

I always knew I’d become a healing practitioner but I was never sure exactly when in my life that would happen. My early years were spent living, working, and training as a dancer- learning the lessons artistry, discipline, and bodily knowledge they have to offer.

After a career as a performing artist, I transitioned into working with a large environmental conservation non-profit, spending each day helping my colleagues fight to save and restore the health of the planet on which we live.

My work at this company was extremely fulfilling but my core beliefs never quite aligned;

I couldn’t escape the idea that balanced people, do not create imbalanced environments. Thus I had a choice- to work tirelessly on repairing the Earth or to work with people and help prevent the damage from ever happening. I chose the latter.

Once committed to this choice, it was clear the time for me to start intentionally  living as a practicing healer had come. I began formal trainings and apprenticeships to gain tools while also developing and honing the healing energy I naturally accessed.

Through the guidance of amazingly brilliant teachers- Renee Madsen, Robert Bassett, Jim Hyman, Allison Hayes, Atarangi Muru, Jennifer Longmore, and Ned Holle- I settled into my true self, living and growing each day as a spiritually based healing practitioner.

Today, I am honored to be both a practitioner of healing techniques and a student of the ancient wisdom embedded within them.

Dinita Nicole working with crystal healing

Everything I learn, I utilize to empower others to achieve optimal health, create the lives they dream about, strengthen their sense of self, and embrace their personal gifts so they can live happily, freely, peacefully and completely, whilst honoring and protecting this beautiful planet we call home.

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