Energy healing workshops

If I have learned anything over this last year, I learned it is time to go deeper… 

The world is calling for us to show up; to show up in truth, power, and authenticity to share our divine gifts and courageously call out that which does not align with the collective highest good.

Our planet is ready to hold the vibrations of equity, justice and peace.  It is simply waiting for us to catch up and create equity, justice and peace within ourselves.

It is time to call forth the truth of who you are. If there was any doubt, the truth of who you are is exactly what the world needs most.

All of the classes offered below are designed to go deeper than we ever have before…  

We will be giving ourselves permission to be all that we are in every way.  This means being as spiritual as we are human, casting away expectations, freeing ourselves from external pressures, and consciously creating a reality that is aligned for us all.

We came to the planet just for this moment, every coup, insurrection, pandemic, personal crises is exactly on time and meant to bring us closer to truth, both within and around us.

So, join me & let’s get to work going deeper.

Oracle Cards

Sacred Energy Healing
Level 1 & 2 Certification Intensive

In Person

Immerse yourself in a four-day intensive workshop designed to deeply connect you with this gentle, light-touch healing modality in a way that is meaningful and useful. Reiki opens an energetic gateway that enhances the experience of everything your soul

chooses & empowers you with an effective method to facilitate healing for self and others. If you want to work with crystals start with Reiki. If you want to be a powerful psychic start with Reiki. If you want to help friends & family heal start with Reiki. If you want to connect deep the magic of the multiverse start with Reiki. And if you want to transform your life and live as the highest version of yourself start with Reiki

We’ll explore the philosophy and history of sacred energy healing, establish your own unique connection to the Reiki energy, learn how to use Reiki for self-healing and psychic protection, learn how to assess another’s energy field and learn how to bring balance across the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes and explore how the gateway of reiki will amplify your contribution to our world. Within the practice of Reiki you will find gifts of personal growth and spiritual development beyond what you were able to know before you met Reiki.

In this intensive you will receive level I & II Reiki energetic attunements to raise your vibration and level I & II Reiki Practitioner Certificates. Successful completion allows you to practice Reiki personally & professionally. Reiki I is available for 12 CE credits for massage therapists through NCBTMB.

St Thomas, USVI: June 3-6, 12-6ish pm EST, Saje Sanctuary, Register Here
St Thomas, USVI: June 10-13, 12-6ish pm EST, Saje Sanctuary, Register Here
Asheville, NC: August 4-8, 12-6ish pm EST, The Rock Girl® Sacred Stone School, Register Here

For a full list of workshop and events available, click HERE.

Crystal Healing

The Healing Power of Stones

In Person

You will receive recordings of the live classes so even if you cannot attend every class live you will still receive the full benefit.

We will cover all the basics needed to deeply connect to with the innate power of stones & crystals. We will explore how crystals work, what they are, where they come from, how to care for them, how to activate their magic, how to cleanse them properly, why stones do not need programming and dispel common myths that lead to their misuse. 

Crystal Healing

This class is a foundation layer to connect to the deeper levels of healing & wisdom of our Earth.

St Thomas, USVI: June 8, 6:30-8:15pm EST, Saje Sanctuary

Your Investment $33

Oracle card readings

The Magic of Oracle Cards

In Person

Oracle cards can be used as a simple tool to connect or they can be used for deep guidance and direction.  Together we will use Oracle cards to uncover the major themes and patterns ready to be healed in your month ahead and gain valuable insight on exactly how to heal them.  Bring your favorite decks or pick one up at Saje.

St Thomas, USVI: June 9, 6:30-8:15pm EST, Saje Sanctuary
Your Investment: $33 


Reconnecting & Refining Your Reiki Practice

In Person

Let’s dig deeper to take your Reiki practice to the next level.

Too often Reiki practitioners are left unsupported as they grow & explore the practice of Reiki and end up feeling lost as to what to do and how to best use their higher vibration. This half-day class will be laser-focused coaching to answer questions, improve your technique, connect you even deeper into the practice or Reiki, and ensure you walk with perfect clarity on how to use your gifts. 

Your Investment: $333


Class size is limited. Level 2 Reiki certification is a pre-requisite. 

St Croix, USVI: June 18, 12-3pm, Discovery Grove 

Dinita Nicole working with crystal healing

The Healing Power of Stones: Grounding

In Person

Grounding is the highest form of protection.  Join this class to learn how stones can help you get and stay grounded and safe.  We’ll cover which stones to use, when and how.

This class is a foundation layer to connect to the deeper levels of healing & wisdom of our Earth.

St Croix, USVI: June 18, 6:15-8:15pm 
Your Investment: $33 

Discovering The Akashic Records

Virtual Workshop Series

Talk about accelerating your vibration, I am thrilled to share with you an exploration of the Akashic Records. Your Akashic Records is the energetic record of your every choice, thought, desire, and action since your soul’s inception. By accessing your records, you gain the ability to:

  • Transform your relationships with loved ones, career and money
  • Release the vibrational effect of past pains
  • Understand your soul’s purpose
  • Manifest from your most aligned and connected place
  • Heal on the deepest level across all dimensions and timelines
  • Connect to your own intuitive language and much more
Crystal Healing

This live, interactive and transformational virtual course will empower you with the ability to confidently access the wisdom of the Akashic records to call in deep transformation and cosmic wisdom. This is deep, powerful work that can grow with you for a lifetime.

Oct 2 – November 13, Saturdays 12-3pm EST

Your Investment $777

Or, 4 Payments of $197 

The Rock Girl Sacred Stone School Internship

Virtual Workshop Series

This is rare & unique opportunity is exclusively open to my Reiki Master graduates.

Reiki prepares you to communicate with the stones & crystals of our Earth in a way others do not.

At The Rock Girl® Sacred Stone School in Asheville, NC, we will spend one week two times per year helping prepare some of the world’s most magical stones to head out into the world and do their work. While we learn to wash, prepare, and ship stones we will talk all things stones and magic while receiving natural activations & attunements.

Stones at The Rock Girl® Sacred Stone School are keepers of great wisdom as they have not been ripped from the Earth without permission. They have been handled with the respect & care they deserve as they were passed down from our teacher’s teachers.


Once you complete the spiritual expansion of the full Reiki program this incredible opportunity awaits. There is no fee for this experiential learning.

Prerequisite: Must complete my Reiki Master Training
Email for upcoming dates/details

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