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Soul Level Expansion: Discovering the Akashic Records

Virtual Series

Talk about accelerating your vibration, I am thrilled to share with you an exploration of the Akashic Records. Your Akashic Records is the energetic record of your every choice, thought, desire, and action since your soul's inception. By accessing your records, you gain the ability to:

  • Transform your relationships with loved ones, career and money
  • Release the vibrational effect of past pains
  • Understand your soul’s purpose
  • Manifest from your most aligned and connected place
  • Heal on the deepest level across all dimensions and timelines
  • Connect to your own intuitive language and much more

This live, interactive and transformational virtual course will empower you with the ability to confidently access the wisdom of the Akashic records to call in deep transformation and cosmic wisdom. This is deep, powerful work that can grow with you for a lifetime.

As a featured bonus those who successfully complete this series will be granted membership to the course completion

Upcoming Series, TBD
Your Investment $888

Bonus: 4- month membership in Council of Akashic Practitioners Monthly Meet-Up to practice & home your new skill!

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